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A lot of people come to Croatia for a visit during summer, but some of them actually decide to stay in the country for the rest of their lives. Tracey Allison has thus replaced her home in San Diego with romantic settlement of Klis, where she helps her husband in running a successful youth-oriented tourist firm called “Eklata”. Tracey was originally discovered by British blogger Paul Bradbury, who recently wrote highly viral and influential list of reasons why you shouldn’t visit Croatia.

“We live on beautiful estate which has belonged to my husband’s family for generations,” Tracey explains her seven year stay in Croatia. “We harvest our own olives, pick up fruits, make our own wine… to say it short, we enjoy every moment of our lives!”

Commonly called Trisnja (“Cherry”) by locals, Tracey says that living in a small town of Croatia has plenty of benefits. “My friends in Split think that I am a hostage in the hills of Dalmatia. But that’s silly. I’m living in a house which is 400 years old and can always find a place to park my car!”

One of the best things about Klis is that it provides a gorgeous view of Adriatic Sea. “There are spots like this in California too, but they can only be enjoyed by people with a lot of money. In Croatia, that is not the case.”

In addition to her duties as a tourist manager, Tracey Allison also supports the family konoba, a traditional inn offering prime local delicacies such as prosciutto or roasted lamb. Most of the things on the menu are made using ingredients produced by the owners themselves. “As I already said, we make our own wine, both red and white kinds. We also produce olive oil, spirits and vegetables.”

Natural beauty and wonderful scenery aren’t the only things which surprised Tracey in Croatia. Outdoors of Klis provided her with the first sight of snow in her life. Actually, “sight” is a weak word, as it literally fell in such quantity that it reached her window.

What to add more? If you decide to visit Klis during your vacation in Croatia, don’t hesitate to visit Konoba Glavina. Although Tracey literally became Trisnja and speaks the local language quite fluently, she’ll gladly say hello to you in English- showing you the beauty of Croatian region of Dalmatia along the way. Don’t ignore her company “Eklata”, either.  Visit the official website here.




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