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Colder days are (finally) here, but that doesn’t mean that cats and dogs are falling from the skies. As a matter of fact, tourists in Dubrovnik are having a blast. Although large cruisers are still bringing thousands of foreigners to the docks of Adriatic urban pearl, there’s certainly more freedom now than couple of months ago. With this well-received breathing space, Dubrovnik is actually an even more desirable destination. There are no lines for attractions, tables in the restaurants are immediately free and walking the renowned ramparts of Dubrovnik leads to sights unattainable with crowds involved.

Tourists in Dubrovnik

Tourists in Dubrovnik at the moment benefit with some pretty cool sales and price cuts, too. Tourist agencies across the world are offering more affordable options for visiting the famous city. Off-season time also makes onsite content much more available. Wallet-friendly policies are slicing prices at diners and ticket stores, making you money worth more. And don’t think that Adriatic pearl lacks in entertainment. One quarter of Dubrovnik’s city finances are annually spent on cultural programs and events, so there are plenty of things to see and do, even in the middle of November.

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So yes, now is a great time to visit the city of Dubrovnik. In order to support this claim, our reporters have followed a group of tourists as they ventured to mountain of Srd, located above the renowned settlement. They reached the hill slopes after a ride in one of Dubrovnik’s most popular services, a high-tech ropeway. With its featuring huge windows, providing the invaluable panoramic view of Dubrovnik, it is a unique way of spending an hour or two on Adriatic coast.

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As you can see in our photo-gallery below, the smiles are not leaving the group’s faces. Surrounded with sceneries of fascinating natural beauty and centuries-old architecture, they live their Dubrovnik dream to the fullest. Tourists in Dubrovnik will also be welcomed in upcoming December, when snowflakes will like provide Srd with new and romantic attire of white.


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