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This is one of those stories which begin with ‘it all started as a hobby’. Anica Carapic loves fashion and after finishing her education in textile manufacturing, she moved with her husband to Croatian capital of Zagreb. Soon, her passion became her profession. The pair opened a firm called Omiljen Partner (literal translation: ‘The favorite partner’) dealing with originally designed clothes.

“I was always in love with woman’s handbags” Anica says. “But I hate how their interiors are often neglected. From the outside, the bags could look beautiful, only to hide a non-functional mess on the inner side.”


Small interior pockets and torn fabrics are no more, as Anica’s little firm launched its own handbag lines. “I use materials depending on the season. In summer, you can expect fine jeans as outer base, and in colder months I use various wool mixtures.’

Anica also makes jewelry and hair decorations, but handbags are her prime offer. “They have a very difficult task. They need to reflect a woman’s style and fashion, yet they need to be functional and easily accessed. That’s why I always use best cotton and linen when manufacturing and I always think twice before applying a certain design to a handbag.”

Every bag which goes through Anica’s hands is unique. As a matter of fact, you can even choose your own motives and labels. Anica will skillfully implement them on the final product. So if you ever dreamt about having your own functional, personalized handbag, see Anica’s online shop and have your pick. You can also see a portion of her offer in our photo gallery below:


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