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Although sun is still present on Croatian shores, allowing people to have a few splashes in Adriatic Sea, September is not known as a warm month. However, it is a perfect time of the year to take a walk in Croatian outdoors. Here are a few tours which might inspire your wit and empower your inner batteries. Not to mention the benefits they will bring to your physical health.

Hiking the Holy Mountain

An eight-hour tour leading you through fascinating landscape of Paklenica National Park, peaking with arrival to heights of Sveto Brdo Mountain (the precise translation of “Sveto Brdo” is literally “The Holy Mountain”). On your way you will see Croatian mustangs, wild horses who roam the pastures, living freely and enjoying every moment of it. Check more information on this unique offer here.

Discovering Dubrovnik Countryside

That Dubrovnik is one of world’s most interesting tourist destinations is not a secret. However, its surrounding countryside, featuring stunning natural beauty and unique cultural inheritance is also not to be ignored. Take a four-day tour through rich vineyards, gorgeous olive groves, old villages and deep forests full of mystery and magnificence. Explore Island of Sipan, and learn about influence of Dubornik aristocracy, as they kept civilization of Ragusa alive. Click here for more information on this tour.

Exploration of Krka

Grab your sun creams, picnic lunchbox, some water and reserve clothes. It’s time to mount the boat and reach for untold beauties of Krka National Park. The highlight includes a lovely river ride through Krka’s canyon, witnessing stunning sights and enjoyable swimming areas, peaking with arrival to Skradinski Buk, a 44-meter waterfall of dark green, crystal-clear water. More information can be found in our tours section dealing with the offer.

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