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Feeling gloomy because of the weather today? This timelapse of Dalmatia might cheer you up, in addition of mentioning the fact that it is Friday afternoon. The footage was made by YouTuber cyganteria, using a GoPro Hero3 camera and an IKEA eggtimer. Just click play, and enjoy the marvelous tube-post:

Timelapse is a special technique of filming, during which a single frame is recorded by camera every few minutes. When all of these frames are combined and edited, they form a unique clip which transcends the usual understanding of time flow. What you see in a couple of seconds could actually be an entire day on the spot of the filming. Resembling an animated movie to some extent, the timelapse technique never disappoints when you want to present the beauty of certain scenery.

The clip in question wasn’t taken on the single locality, but several notable spots of Dalmatia. These include the village of Zivogosce, known for a large number of old Illyrian graves, the popular yet intimate beach of Gradac and town of Omis, situated on river Cetina’s infuse into the Adriatic Sea. The clip also includes several lovely captures of Korcula Island, a home to renowned warrior dance of Moreska.

As a region, Dalmatia is full of natural beauty and sites of historical importance, featuring cities such as Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik. Almost two thirds of Croatian coastline belongs to this region, which boasts excellent tourist accommodation and very appreciated gastronomic identity. This part of Croatia is also quite popular thanks to Dalmatian dog breed, which charmed the entire globe with its friendly nature and black spots on white fur.

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