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With towns that track their history for centuries, Croatia is a great country to those who like tales of long past and glorious events. If you belong to this group, and would like to bond your summer enjoyments with historical lessons, we have a great deal for you. Here are three town museums you will fall in love with, and visiting them will greatly increase the quality of your holiday.

Split City Museum

Ever since it was founded around the palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian, Split has been regarded as one of the most beautiful and important coastal cities on the Adriatic shores. Learn about its past eras and why it became so widely renowned, as you visit its official museum. Located in an old nobleman palace, the site allows you to observe paintings, fine art and photographs that tell the tale of Dalmatia’s capital city from its beginning to modern times. Buy ticket right now, and assure your entrance to this picturesque site.

Sibenik City Museum

Joining modern museum technologies with long historical background, this two-floor building will introduce you to Sibenik’s most important moments and individuals that shaped it to modern Croatian settlement. Settled in what used to be the palace of Duke himself, the museum is a great place to attend after visiting the local Cathedral of St. James, as the two sites are very close to each other. Learn the story behind Sibenik, and why it is so praised as a tourist destination for all ages.

Ethnographic Museum Zagreb

The Capital of Croatia has many stories to tell, as it notes almost entire millennia of existence. Legends tell that it was founded by a certain knight and maiden, who miraculously found a water source in the wild lands.  Today, Zagreb continues to awe its visitors, continuously receiving awards and recognitions for its tourist values. Discover the past of this Croatian settlement and contribute to your knowledge while enjoying the holiday.

There are many other things to do and explore while staying in Croatia. Ready your visits via Croatia Tickets and attend numerous interesting events and activities.

Featured Photo: Nikolina Vukovic Stipanicev / CROPIX