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You probably never heard about Bobovisca, a small settlement located on the western slopes of Brac Island. It is a rather littlle settlement, meaning it is a perfect place for visitors who want to enjoy a peaceful and somewhat isolated vacation on Adriatic Coast. But there’s much more to this village than one would initally guess. Here are three things you don’t know about Bobovisca.

Rich Cultural Inheritance

The settlement might be tiny, but it surely has its share of history. One can visit old Roman and Byzantine ruins, as well as remains of Illyrian civilization. Bobovisca also feature a Church dedicated to St. George (dating from 17th century), and an old keep transformed into a summer mansion (approximately 200 years old).

A Place of Poets

Bobovisca is situated on a lovely spot. It is a valley surrounded with green, having friendly locals and calm atmosphere. As such, it is quite inspiring for artists of various kind, especially poets. Several influential verse writers have been born here, including Luka Halat and Jorjo Cerinic. The internationally Chilean film director Antonio Skármeta also descends from Bobovisca, as can be seen in some of his works. So if seeking a place for inspiration, give Bobovisca a chance, and write a novel during your holiday.

Resting Spot of Celebrities

It all begun when famous Croatian soccer player Mario Mandzukic bought a luxurious villa in Bobovisca settlement. Now, rumors suggest that he is not the only one enjoying the scenery of western Brac coastline. If you are a fan of sports, and would like to share bathing spot with your favorite players, Bobovisca might be a good spot to check out. If you are lucky, you might end up playing a round of picigin with the soccer stars.

These were three Things You Don’t Know About Bobovisca. If you visit the settlement, don’t forget to share a photo or two on our Facebook Wall.


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