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Adriatic Sea is full of dolphins, and these fascinating animals are one of the reasons why people enjoy sailing along Croatian coastline so much. But they are so much more than lovely beings which like to play, jumping from the sea entertaining the crowds along the way. Here are three things you didn’t know abouth dolphins.

They Can Sense Your Pregnancy

Scientists have noticed that dolphins show interest in pregnant human females. It is not known why this is so, but one theory suggests that humans are not per se aquatic creatures and dolphins theoretically meet them rarely. By default, they are interested in beings they don’t find every day, and pregnant specimens are even more unique sight. The animal’s fascinating natural sonar allows them to detect your blessed state to rather detailed measure. If you swim next to a dolphin, it can sense the shape of fetus in you, and hear its heart beating. For us humans, this sensation is impossible to imagine.

They Have Their Own Language

Dolphins are one of rare species in this world with developed vocal communication. They use complex combinations of sounds which are similar to our own language. Once they meet, dolphins will literally engage in greeting conversation, and some studies suggest they even attribute names to each other. What is even more interesting is that dolphins around the world use different kinds of sound combinations, meaning that not only they developed language but dialect as well.

They are Considered Non-Human Persons

Because of their high intelligence and emotional responding, dolphins have gathered a status of ‘non-human persons’ in several states, most notable example being India. While not having the exact same rights as humans, dolphins are protected enough not to be captured for entertainment, as it was deemed they greatly suffer if lacking freedom.

They Recognize Each Other After Years of Separation

Science has confirmed that dolphins are not just at terms with communication, but with memory as well. Specimens can recognize each other even after decades of separation or non-meeting.

These were three things you didn’t know about dolphins. If you plan to see them in Croatia, consider attending a tour for animal lovers! More details can be checked out here.


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