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The romantic settlement of Jelsa can be found on Island of Hvar, considered to be among the most popular isles of Croatian shore. Not a stranger to celebrities such as Beyonce and Prince Charles, Hvar and its settlements provide fantastic summer experience thanks to rich tradition, long history and literally hundreds of isolated coves, just waiting to be discovered by visitors of Adriatic shoreline. Speaking of tourist offers, here are three things Jelsa is known for. We can literally consider them the town symbols.


Although one would think lavender is indigenous plant of Hvar, that is not the case. The bushes of hybrid lavender came a century ago, but fertile soil and great weather quickly spread the plant over the island. Humans helped, of course. Knowing that lavender can be used as a strong analgetic, they harvested it as much as they could during the decades. Not even two large fires and development of tourism could squeeze the plant from Hvar. If you want a practical souvenir from Jelsa, buy yourself a small package of lavender. It has a beautiful scent, and will repel insects from your wardrobes.

Wine Fiesta

Every year, during the last weekend in August, a large fiesta is organized in Jelsa. It gathers the best wine makers of Croatia, together with a few influential guests from foreign countries. A rich cultural program is scheduled for this time, involving something for every age, preference and cultural background. From wild nightclub parties to traditional klapa concerts on Jelsa promenades, wine fiesta is an event of Hvar you don’t want to miss.

Olive Oil

Nicknamed ‘The Green Gold of Jelsa’, olive trees have been used for centuries by local population. While in past olive trees were used for construction of people’s homes, today their fruits are part of an important Jelsa industry: extra virgin olive oil. One of the healthiest ingredients a kitchen can have today; it also boasts the taste of every meal to new heights. A simple scrambled egg can become a culinary delicacy with a few drops of this golden-looking liquid.

These were three things Jelsa is known for. However, many more can be discovered if you visit Croatian shoreline! Book your accommodation today!


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