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All fans of traveling enjoy buying souvenirs, knowing that each glance on those items will revoke memories of the visited destination. Much more than simple pieces of merchandize, they literally represent the country they descended from, and all the values it stands for.  But in the rich culture such as Croatian, there are many items which have symbolic meaning, and it is difficult to choose the most suitable to bring home. Especially if one wants to invest more financial means in such important task.

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However, the solution is rather simple. If you are interested in acquiring unique items which have a permanent value, then you simply can’t fail with Croatian products made from precious materials. In addition to being original, these items are also gorgeously designed. And as some of them are wearable, you can combine them with your clothes and influence your outfit with Croatian vibes.

Croatia is a home to two notable brands which deal with precious materials and corresponding products. Zaks excels in manufacturing golden jewelry, while Argentum masters the production of silver-based items. Both companies have their stores across Croatia, and are known for undisputable quality and professional approach to work.


There is another reason why you should consider visiting Zaks and Argentum stores during your visit of Croatia. At this moment, both brands are offering their traditional summer sales. Prices of golden jewelry items are lowered by 25%, while silver ones are lowered by 50%. Also worth mentioning is that wristwatches are also on sale. These classy machines can be obtained for 40% less money of their usual price.

The sale’s percentages are exact, no matter the final cost. For every product you buy, craftsmen of Zaks and Argentum will issue a tax-free certificates. Thanks to this unique offer, one can easily understand why so many people chose traditional jewelry pieces as a souvenir from their Croatian travels. Equally affordable and precious, these symbols of Croatia will certainly remind you of visiting the country.


Here are three symbols of Croatia which you can bring home, and which are buyable in Zaks and Argentum stores.

Botun Ornaments

Usually associated with Sibenik region, botuns are button-like ornaments which have usually decorated male clothing. Noticeable and original, they come in golden and silver versions. In Zaks and Argentum stores, the golden butons can be bought for as low as 550 HRK / 73 €, while silver editions start with 120 HRK / 16 €.

Botuni by Argentum

Leaving botuns in inheritance used to be a custom in Croatia, and they are perfect gifts for birthdays or important anniversaries.

Engraved Coins

Usually gifted to people for weddings, baptisms, graduations and similar important life events, coins of gold and silver are among the most respected items in Croatia. These can be engraved with certain images or lettering, making every coin unique and adding to its symbolic value. Coins made by smiths of Zaks and Argentum are highly regarded by tourists, especially if they are engraved with visuals of the cities they were bought in. Other motifs include religious imagery or portraits of historical figures. The lowest price for a golden coin is 1312 HRK / 175 €, while the silver ones are quite affordable, starting with 90 HRK / 12 €.

Traditional Croatian Jewelry

No matter your style, you will certainly find something Croatian to your liking. The country has a strong tradition in jewelry manufacture, and their contemporary products go well with modern fashion trends. Zaks and Argentum offer a wide range these products, all of which could be a perfect reminder of your stay in Croatia.

Necklace by Argentum

From zircon sheathed earrings to lovely summer bracelets and statement necklaces, the selection is quite diverse. All jewelry items come with the official certificates, assuring the quality of gold and silver used in the process of crafting these unique items.

Long story short, if searching for a memorable item or gorgeous ornament which will recall your moments in Croatia, Zaks and Argentum are stores to go.

Three Symbols of Croatia You Can Bring Home

Don’t hesitate to visit their official websites of Zaks and Argentum, as you will learn more about their sales and offers. Your perfect souvenirs, symbols of Croatia is maybe just one click away.


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