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Croats have arrived to their present territories in 7th century, following the grandiose migration of Slavic people. Since those distant ages, they went through their own ups and downs, with periods of great achievements and cultural advancement to dark ages of conflict and misfortune. Here are three places in Croatia that will introduce you to the nation’s unique tale from three distinctive angles.

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Meet Alkar Knights

The Alkar order used to be of high importance for Croatian army in the past. Its members were dedicated warriors, whose finest hour occurred in 1715 when less than thousand of them managed to thwart the large invasion of Turkish horde. The organization still exists today as a cultural society, staging annual knight games called Sinjska Alka in Town of Sinj. The settlement is also a home to museum of Alka, exhibiting gear, uniforms and weapons of this order. Discover their proud realm and arrange your visit right now.

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Learn about Nin Antiquities

The town of Nin holds a special place in Croatian history book, as the settlement used to be the nation’s capital at one point. However, its history precedes Croatian presence, as proven by archeological findings.  Find out what old Romans were doing in Nin, and how Histrians and Liburnians managed to construct naval vessels without a single nail used. You will also learn about Croatian ship construction, legends, artifacts and events that shaped the nation. Prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure through past times, provided you by The Museum of Nin Antiquities- schedule your arrival immediately.

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Find Wisdom of Croatian naval Regions

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral waits for you to embark on a glorious journey. One of numerous sites of the kind in Rijeka, this museum will present you the past of Primorsko-Goranska County, its relations to other parts of Croatia and foreign diplomatic circles. Full of archeological and ethnographical exhibits, this institution is situated in what used to be the luxurious Governor’s Palace. Find joy in the lovely city of Rijeka and reserve your ticket for the museum right now.

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