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If you are planning a trip to Croatia, you are probably very excited. The country has plenty of things to enjoy and places to explore. But if you wish to experience something truly uncommon and wonderful, we have you covered. Here are three mind-blowing experiences you can have in Croatia.

Cheat Your Perception in Illusion Museum

One of the most frequently visited institutions in Zagreb is both fun and educative. Museum of Illusions introduces its visitors to a world of fascinating tricks that will challenge your understanding of space and make you doubt yours senses. A room which seems to be endless thanks to mirrors on their walls? An installation that will make you puzzled when naming colors? These are just a few of exhibits that you may find in this magnificent museum, which also provides a detailed explanation for every illusion. Make a step into this realm of strange psychics and dream-like experiences.

Explore the depths of Grabovaca Cave Park

Visiting Croatia can easily resemble a time-traveling adventure, since the country has a lot of historical sites that have rich background in the past times. Fans of prehistoric eras will find their turf beneath the ground of Perusic Town, better known as Grabovaca Cave Park. Back in the days before written history, human communities dwelled in these underground realms, leaving traces of their presence and activities. Set your path in the most unique theme park Croatia has to offer.

Tame the Streams of Cetina

For numerous centuries, river Cetina has been an inspiration to local populace. The river bonds strong currents with gorgeous natural sceneries, and as such is a perfect terrain for canoeing. A three-hour tour will be both exciting and fulfilling, yet won’t exhaust you to the point that you need a day of rest.  Possibility of organized barbecue lunch or dinner in the outdoors is also an option. Your canoe is waiting for you. Grab the oar and reserve your spot in the vessel.

These were three mind-blowing experiences to have in Croatia. Visit our website Croatia Tickets for more thrilling experiences that you can immediately arrange during your stay.

Photo: Museum of Illusion