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You are visiting Croatia and planning to enjoy its outdoors? A pleasant accommodation can greatly contribute to such an experience. Here are three fantastic spring retreats that will fulfill all your vacation expectations and provide hospitality in unique surroundings. Consider booking them as soon as possible and begin your adventure in Croatia.

Alen Les

Cottage in Gorski Lazi

Imagine spending your family holiday in a wooden cottage that is situated in tree branches. Exactly such vacation waits for you in Trsce hamlet of Gorske Lazine. The structure has been built in accordance with ecological principles, meaning no plant was harmed during construction. Hand-made and as charming as it can possibly be, the cottage is powered by solar energy and has internet access. Check it out now.

Neja Markicevic / Hanza Media

Treehouse of Resnice

In the tiny settlement of Resnice that is close to Karlovac Town, a beautiful wooden house welcomes its visitors every season. Ideal for people who seek peace and seclusion, the residence is surrounded with thick forest of oak trees. The interior is decorated with items that owner has accumulated during his numerous travels around the world. Could this be your home away from home in Croatia?

Berislava Picek / Hanza Media

Wooden Villa of Musaluk

In the mountainous part of Croatia known as Lika, a fancy locality called Doliba opens its doors to comers from all corners of the world. Situated in Musaluk village, it boasts with impressive 120 square meters of interior that includes three bedrooms and two bathroom facilities. A Finish sauna can be enjoyed as well, not to mention a private playground for youngest visitors. Classy, yet true to its Lika heritage, Doliba is ideal for any kind of stay.

These were merely three spring retreats that wait for you in Croatia. Discover more Destinations that country has to offer and pick one that suits your tastes best.

Featured Photo: Berislava Picek / Hanza Media