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Planning a stay at the seaside during your summer holidays? So much fun waits for you. But in case your plan includes Croatia and gorgeous coasts of Adriatic, you will benefit from our tips for great experience in the country. Here are three things to do this summer on some of Croatia’s most renowned localities. Just pack your luggage and come!

Go Glamping on Obonjan Island

Who said that enjoying a remote location comes at the expanse of class? Glamping combines glamour with camping sessions, and Island Obonjan delivers it in the best way possible. Surrounded with pristine Mediterranean outdoors yet enjoying the coziness of A-class accommodation tents, glampers are surely enjoying their vacation to the fullest.  Obonjan can be found in Sibenik archipelago, in the very heart of Dalmatia region. Reserve your spot at this website.

Luka Gerlanc / CROPIX

Have a Mud Bath on Zdrijac Beach

Sure thing, Croatia has many fancy beach localities that you can visit and have fantastic time with your friends and family. But some beaches offer a different kind of summer experience. One of things to do this summer in Croatia includes spending some time on Zdrijac Beach. It is located next to Town of Nin, and has two distinctive features. One is the fact that it is covered with mineral-rich mud. Covering your body will give a health boost to your skin. The other feature is windy weather, making it a great destination for kite-surfing and similar activities.

Niksa Duper / CROPIX

Make Croatian Delicacies

Being in the outdoors, catching some tan on the beach, exploring the culture of the country you are visiting- these are all ideal options for summertime. But why limit yourself on these things commonly associated with this season? Why should we cook in summer and discover foreign counter through its recipes? Gift a tiny piece of Croatia to your dining guests: search our recipes and choose the one that inspires you most. Our tip, however, is that you try the tasty Dubrovnik Almond Cake.

Niksa Duper / CROPIX

These were our suggestions of things to do this summer in Croatia. If you wish more ideas, check out our sister website Croatia Tickets and assure your stay’s prime activities at discounted prices. Online purchase is available as well.