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The country which produced minds such as Nikola Tesla, Ruder Boskovic and Stjepan Mohorovicic can’t be bad in science, right? Check out some of the latest high-tech toys developed by Croatian brainy residents. And just you know, these inventions are seeking investment, so if you deem them worthy of your penny, don’t hesitate to contact the patent’s owner.

Spotrack Tracking Software

Enjoying your time in a nightclub, with loud music and impressive light effects? How about controlling the latter with your own presence? Spotrack enables you just that. It is a special tracking system which, through some rather complex computer algorithms, follows human body with camera and adjusts the surroundings with predetermined input. Imagine your fame when the entire club recognizes your influence on showlights! In addition to such experiences, Spotrack can also be used in theater productions, aquariums and security objects. Contact its designers here.

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Servus Audio Service

Feeling lonely? Why should you be that way, when you can talk to your own home? With Servus electric assistant, one’s house becomes a separate, artificial entity- ready to serve you as an obedient robot it is. Use voice to turn the telly on, answer your phone, open the doors and adjust the heating. Browse internet and change radio stations with just a small word, and do whatever you like without leaving an armchair. Servus is made to make your life easier, and if you suffer from physical disability, it can literally change it for better. The device comes with multilingual support, and more info can be found here.

PIZIS Sanitation system

Forget about smelly toilets. Thanks to an impressive technical achievement of inventor Vanja Turak, they will be a thing of the past. PIZIS is a small ventilation unit installed in toilet’s flusher, tasked with removing the nasty odors from the bowl below. It is fully automatic, and only a few buttons reveal its presence. While one can clearly see potential in domestic usage, places such as restaurants, hotels and cruisers should be especially interested in this unique gadget. That is, if they want their air to be fresh and nice. Contact inventor at

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