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The colder season has successfully pushed away the summer vibe in Croatia. The daylight retreats early, and rainy days are not as rare as they used to be couple of months ago. One would think that such setting is rather depressing, yet that is far from truth. The vibrant natural colors and refreshing outdoor air are keeping the good mood in local populace, as well as people who opted to visit Croatia out of its main tourist season.


Colder time of the year also brings its own fruits, chestnuts being the key example. They have always been one of the most notable items associated with fall and winter in Croatia. Of course, people can enjoy numerous chestnut-flavored delicacies, and we are bringing you just a short selection.


Roasted Chestnuts

With every fall, Croatia’s street food sellers add roasted chestnuts to their offer. These people can be found on squares and corners of prominent streets in most of the country’s settlements. The chestnuts are roasted in their shell, on a stove powered by live fire.  They are supplied with two paper rolls, one with the chestnuts and the other empty, given to storage cracked shells. The average price is 15 HRK/ 2 €, and are traditional way of enjoying the fall season in Croatia. Plus, it is a perfect way of heating up your hands during very low temperatures.


Chestnut Puree

Literally being mashed chestnuts cooled to low temperatures, this kind of puree is very popular order in Croatian pastries. Usually served in combination with sweet cream and a glass of water, it is a nice replacement for summery ice-cream cups.  The average price is 20 HRK / 2.50 €. Large shops offer their own frozen chestnut purees, so they can be served at home as well.



If you are searching for chestnut-flavored events, you should check out for nearest Kestenijada. These annual manifestations occur in all parts of Croatia, and are essentially the celebration of chestnuts and fall season. Every kestenijada also comes with rich cultural program which cherishes local history and community. They are a perfect reason to venture in Croatia’s more rural areas, where you can spend the day in lovely forests, eating chestnuts along the way.

These were just some of chestnut-flavored reasons to visit Croatia. Find more of them during your trip to this country, which is equally welcoming in colder seasons as it is in spring and summer.


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