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There are many great spots for bathing in Europe, but some just manage to steal the show. According to European Best Destinations, a webportal that is dedicated to promotion of Old Continent’s remarkable localities, Croatian beaches are your best choice. Two coastal sites from Croatia are literally topping their list of best beach destinations for 2019, and one can’t have many remarks on selection.

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The prestigious first place was won by Pasjaca beach in Cavtat. Merely thirty minutes of car-ride from Dubrovnik, this place has a rather interesting origin. In mid-fifties of the former century, a tunnel has been constructed in the vicinity. The rocks that were produced during the dig were brought to the sea shore, where the waves slowly shaped them into a sandy strand. The site soon attracted a lot of locals, leading to forming of a beach. Even today, the people who live close bring rocks to Pasjaca, renewing its looks and providing the waves with new materials to carve. In a way, this place has been formed through cooperation between human beings and nature itself. Isolated and quiet, the beach is ideal for people who want a relaxing stay next to the sea.

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European Best Destinations also included Nugal on their list. This fascinating beach ended on third place . Located below the cliffs of Osejava Forest between Tucepi and Makarska, this Dalmatian pearl is reserved for naturalists. It is also a place of quietness and genuine connection with the natural surroundings. Not a spot for loud parties and open air music events, Nugal is a meditative haven that is more than ready to fill up your mental strengths.

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Feature Photo: Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX