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On the northern shores of Pag Island, one can find the remote settlement of Lun. It was founded in 1653, when local nobles hired certain Matej Badurin to be their agricultural worker and take care of the land. Whoever this person was, he did a very good job, since the olive gardens of Lun are still very active, and tourists visit the site just to enjoy their beauty and awe-inspiring scenery.

The Olive Gardens of Lun

However, Mister Badurin was not the first farmer of Pag. Long before his contract, nations of the Old World harvested local olive groves and enjoined prime taste of their golden-colored oil. Today, the olive gardens of Lun have around 500 hectares in size, and number more than 80 000 olive plants. Scientists have confirmed that at least one thousand of these are more than millennia old, meaning they sprouted during the times of kings and knights. Only two similar natural sites exist in the world- one is located in Israel, while the other is in Greece. Yet these localities don’t have as much groves as the olive gardens of Lun.

The oldest plant is approximately 1600 years old, thus being one of the oldest living beings on Earth. That Lun’s natural site is really something unique is proven by number of people who come for a visit. Even without exquisite marketing, around 3500 people daily visit the locality in the summer season. A lot of them are party-goers who enjoy numerous entertainment events situated on well-known Zrce beach. Yet once they arrive to peaceful outdoors of Lun, they enjoy the silence and untouched nature and somewhat lose the need to return to wild tones of DJ magicians.

The olive gardens of Lun are under heavy construction, though, with several infrastructural adjustments being scheduled for current and following year. The biggest upgrade, financed by European Union itself, will be building of a large amphitheater for outdoor concerts and live performances. Arranged promenades are already onsite, as well as service of small electric vehicles which make exploring of the site much easier and enjoyable. Souvenirs and olive-based products are also ready for sale.

The Olive Gardens of Lun

Long story short, if you love nature and want to experience something else than beautiful Adriatic Sea and wild parties of Zrce, come to the old groves of Lun settlement.


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