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If you are a frequent reader of Like Croatia, the small settlement of Kolan is already quite known to you. The village can be found in the very heart of Pag Island, and has received international fame thanks to its cheese industry. In addition of dozens of local cheese makers, it is a home to Gligora, one of Croatia’s most recognizable brands- a company which annually receives only the highest marks for the quality of its cheeses. Long story short, we can literally say that Kolan is the Cheese Empire of Pag Island and Croatia at general.

The Cheese Empire of Kolan

Pag itself looks like a realm from fantasy books. Its vegetation, quite scarce by default, is under constant whipping of Adriatic bora wind, which actually salts the plants with very tiny drops of Croatian Sea. The local sheep herds feed on these plants, providing the locals with milk of astounding quality. Another addition to Pag’s unique landscape is a system of ancient drywalls which surround the pastures. As the wind goes through their holes, it makes a whistling sound which can be described as mystic and intriguing, but never unpleasant or threatening.

Thousands of tourists visit Pag on annual base, but most come to Kolan in order to enjoy the fruits of the Cheese Empire. “The village is marked by its cheese production. It is the cradle of Pag Cheese culture. There is no year in which we don’t receive an influential recognition for our work,” says Sime Gligora, the leading name of Kolan’s industry. His cheese factory is open to tourists even during the working hours, and they can witness how Gligora combines modern technologies with traditional art of cheese production- a recipe which greatly adds to the company’s fantastic success on international market.

“During the season, several hundred tourists visit our facility. It is surely a nice contribution to Kolan’s attractiveness as a tourist destination. Once they are finished with the tour, they usually buy cheese, and stay in the village for couple of hours more,” Sime adds.”Gligora is not the only cheese producer of Kolan. There are numerous local families who make their own dairy products, all of prime quality.”

¸The Cheese Empire

If you are a lover of cheese, then you owe yourself to visit Island of Pag, and enjoy the tastes of Kolan, the cheese empire of Croatia. Share your photos of the experience to our Facebook Wall.



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