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Have you read our last post? Heh, neither have we. It seems that something went wrong on our side, and the whole article got deleted. Unfortunately, it also vanished from our drafts section, so we’ll have to write it all over again. Hope you don’t mind the delay. And if you do, we are certain this photo will ease your nerves. The blue depths of Modra Spilja are really a unique sight. Even for a country such as Croatia, which is full of sites of immense natural beauty, this locality is something special.

The characteristically blue color of water in this cavern comes from openings below the surface. As sunrays go through them, they literally gain in blueness, emitting it around the grotto’s interior. The effect loses its intensity during storms, but while the weather is fair, the blue depths of Modra Spilja are unforgettable.

Discover this site on the Island of Bisevo, in the tiny cove called Balun. Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself in Modra Spilja and upload it to our Facebook Page. Our community loves to like, share and positively comment other people’s Croatian adventures.


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