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Are Croatian beaches still available during the year’s colder seasons? Judging from the photo sent to us by reader Michael Lobisch-Delija‎, which we nicknamed The Autumn oF Brela, they surely are. Of course, swimming is not as common as in the peaking summer, but you’d be surprised how many people embrace the waves even in this weather. As a matter of fact, Dalmatians have a habit of celebrating the New Year by splashing in the Adriatic shallows.

Back to Michael’s photo, it was taken this year in October, in the romantic settlement of Brela. It is among the oldest tourist destinations on Dalmatian coast, having tradition of hospitality older than entire century. Most of the village’s beaches wield the Blue Flag insignia, proving that water is of highest quality, as well as local tourist services and infrastructure. Brela is situated in the very middle of Dalmatia, and serves as a good base for exploring the rest of the region, not to mention its famous island localities.

The beaches of Brela are often included in lists of best coastal places in Europe and world at general. Rumors say a lot of internationally-known celebrities are also commonly encountered in this settlement, where they enjoy anonimity and seclusion from media. One can understand their love for the village, as even the autumn of Brela is a relaxing season, capable of boosting one’s inner strengh and feeling of wellbeing.

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