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Having a vacation can be quite a loud experience, with everyday goings to the beach and enjoying prime dining in local restaurants. That is why, here and there, one should opt to embrace the Adriatic tranquility.

Full of secluded places and localities without crowds, Croatia is also a perfect destination for people who seek peace and inspiration on their holiday. Not to mention that the country features gorgeous sceneries, which serve as great material for aspiring photograph artists.

The Adriatic Tranquility

The photo above was contributed to us by our reader Tünde SpiritIsland. Showing a vessel on sail beneath the high noon sun, the image captivates the everyday lives of people in coastal regions of Croatia. Always between the hard soil and crystal-clear sea, they spend their lives next to fascinating natural splendor.

The photo also somehow captures the peace one can experience on Adriatic Coastline. Surely, wonderful adventures wait for those seeking them, but it is always possible to isolate oneself and just enjoy the little shards of the Adriatic tranquility.

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