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Croatia is known for many things–great beer, stunning beaches, hot cuisine, award-winning wine, wondrous nature and authentic feel-good hospitality. But did you know that donkeys have long been an important national and cultural part of the country too? The Dinaric donkey is indigenous to Croatia and once had a prime place in everyday life, especially as a workman’s field assistant. These donkeys were used extensively and helped navigate inaccessible karst terrains found throughout Croatia.

Nowadays though, modern technology and machines have replaced donkey labor and many have been abandoned. Thankfully, in Telascica Nature Park on Dugi Otok, these donkeys have found a peaceful refuge. So far, there are 14 donkeys in the park, 8 males and 6 females, that have been left there over the years by locals.

If you plan to be in the area, be sure to bring some treats for the donkeys. We hear they’re very friendly and have quite the sweet tooth!


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