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Wine Info

Type: Dry

Species: Teran

Retail Price: 7.35 €

Alcohol Volume: 13,3 %

Teran Fakin 2011 Review

Teran Fakin 2011 Commentary

Family Fakin comes from the romantic town of Motovun, known for its fascinating Istrian surroundings and notable movie festival. Father and son winemakers became famous for their malvazija, and Teran Fakin 2011 confirms their wits once it comes to grape processing. They also said that the reserves of its pink edition are stocked, and will be available for enjoyment in the next few years. “It’s a promise,” Elio and Marko said with a smile. In this dark, purple reflection of harvest 2011, one can witness how well the teran kind can be tendered. “We managed to tame the bersker,” Marko Fakin giggled, noting that he only followed the instructions of his father. In return, Elio said that the knowledge of teran making was a part of their family tradition, as nono Fakin (Marko’s grandfather) was also a rich source of tips and information.

The vivid acidic aromas have been preserved in Teran Fakin 2011. The wine has a taste which resembles the strong taste of black pepper.

Culinary Companionship

It is an Istrian custom to serve prosciutto next to a bottle of teran. However, caterer Dado Tasner serves young goat cheese poured with pumpkin oil in his Cheese Bar. Another option is fine cow cheese, spiced with Istrian truffles and crusty white bread.


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