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Croats are avid coffee drinkers. For them, the black beverage is not just a warm refreshment, but a sort of cultural asset. An invitation for a cup is an invitation to become one’s friend, and share thoughts on all levels-from intimate to intellectual. Croats are capable to sit for hours in a café, especially if in a company they like. But it won’t be surprising to see a single person reading a book or typing on laptop next to black nectar, as if the liquid completely shuts them from the surroundings. If you are a fan of this beverage, you’ll find plenty of chances to enjoy it in Croatia.

Here are ten things you don’t know about coffee, but will certainly be glad to learn.

Admir Buljubasic / CROPIX

1) The coffee can be harvested only in specific climate, which is usually tied to Equator region. This is why it is often called “The Coffee Belt”.

2) The most expensive coffee in the world comes from Asia, and is called kopi luwak. The kilo of grains costs 1200 $. This kind has a somewhat bizarre procedure of harvesting- the grains are collected from waste of palm civet, a mouse-like mammal whose digestion enzymes influence the taste. It may sound grouse, but the quality of final product is undeniable.

3) Coffee is the second most traded good in the world. The first place belongs to oil.

4) Don’t believe the hype- there’s no coffee without caffeine. Despite advancements in technology, it is still impossible to remove this compound from the nectar completely.

Andrija Lucic / CROPIX

5) It is estimated that approximately 2,25 billion coffee cups are being consumed on daily basis around the world. Biggest coffee drinkers come from Finland, but we think that Croats follow this nation quite easily.

6) There are many ways to prepare coffee, but one of the most popular is cappuccino. It consists of two espresso servings coupled with steamed milk foam. The name was given since the beverage had similar color to vestments worn by Catholic Capuchin Order.

7) There are more things you don’t know about coffee! From biological angle, coffee plants are actually fruit. Unknown to many, they can live up to 200 years.

Zeljko Grgic / CROPIX

8) It takes about 42 grains of coffee to make a single cup of espresso.

9) The global coffee industry is huge, with plantations alone providing earnings to 25 million people.

10) Digits don’t lie. An average Croat will drink up to 5,1 kilos of coffee in a year. When combined, all Croats spend about 2,25 million hours  annually next to a cup of this black nectar. One would say ‘a fine investment of time’.

These were ten things you don’t know about coffee.  Describe your reasons for loving this beverage in our comments section below, and don’t hesitate to join Croatian coffee culture while visiting.

Feature Photo: Andrija Lucic / CROPIX