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Successful in every musical path that he chose in his career, Dubfire has a scheduled performance at this year’s Labyrinth Open Festival in Omis. It is really one of summer’s most anticipated events and a reason to consider visiting Croatia during July. But who is this praiseworthy musical artist? Let’s learn a few things about him and his trace in modern music industry.

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Dubfire’s real name is Ali Shirazinia, and he is a DJ of American-Iranian origin. Considered by many to be one of the best techno artists which are currently active, his tale actually begun in early nineties.  At that time, he was a part of musical duo called Deep Dish, together with Sharam Tayebi. According to his own words, they never thought about becoming popular. However, their work in deep house genre skyrocketed in success, making them a part of commercial scene. This lead to their greatest achievement: winning Emmy Award in 2002 for their non-classical remix recording “Thank You”.

Yet, the duo had some differences, leading to their separation in 2005. Shirazinia chose Dubfire as his DJ name and started experimenting with minimal techno.

“Sharam was more interested in mainstream house. I liked house, techno and experimental music better. That was the key to our work and its success. When I went to solo career, I made a kind of rebellion against everything we made up to that point. It was time for me to return to my roots,” Dubfire explained. “I needed new sources of inspiration, a spark that would lead me to a new musical path.” Ali was seeking this novel way of musical expression on Ibiza Island, where he profited greatly from local music, culture and atmosphere that made the destination so popular.

Finally, he became Dubfire as we know today. Eleven years have passed, and this DJ is one of the most sought-after artists in electronic music industry. When his influence and popularity are taken into account, one might even doubt his underground status. In a way of speaking, Dubfire just can’t hide his work from becoming loved by audiences across the world.

His sound is very recognizable, additionally promoted through his private label SCI+TEC. Dubfire also gained renown for his spectacular multimedia project called HYBRID. This globetrotting live show bonded music with animation, encouraging attendees to wonder about connections with technology and boundaries of human nature.

But when not being a part of HYBRID, Dubfire sticks to his favorite artistic approach: minimalism.  One can see it clearly both in his stage performances and in the music he produces.

“A lot of DJs and their promoters are trying to make impressive visual spectacles. But in my opinion, electronic music is here to relax audiences. Its listeners should just close their eyes and make a connection with tunes coming from the speaker. Of course, visuals have an important role in such experience. But in my genre, less is more,” Dubfire concluded.

If you agree with Dubfire, consider attending Labyrinth Open this July in Croatia. Expect some other great DJ names to perform there as well- such as Amelie Lens, Stephan Bodzin, Len Faki, Emanuel Satie, Joris Voorn, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nick Curly, Pan Pot, Super Flu, Ten Walls and many more.