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Croatia triumphed on the recent Best European Holiday Home competition. Two local residences have won in their respective categories and were awarded in Barcelona. The first prize for best holiday home went to Ronald Pintaric who owns a lovely villa called Gran Vista in the settlement of Dragoslavec. Meanwhile, Villa Palma on Island Korcula won the prize for best wellness home.

Pintaric inherited the estate from his parents and invested some means to make it more cozy and comfortable. The residence is not arranged as an example of breath-taking architecture, rather it is a charming set of tiny details that provide sense of wellbeing to every visitor. Surrounded with beautiful nature and untouched landscapes of Croatian Medimurje region, Gran Vista has a view of gorgeous mountains called Kalnik, Ivancica and Pohorje.

The comfy interior has its own wellness area, six large television sets, game consoles and strong wireless connection that covers the entire estate. The outdoor terrace has heating capabilities, and private pool provides refreshment during the year’s warmer months. Additional content includes darts, table soccer and ping pong. All furniture is of Croatian origin.

Gran Vista of Medimurje is available for rent through several booking services.  However, considering the success and popularity it received for being Europe’s best holiday home, chances are the demand has skyrocketed.

Nevertheless, do consider it for a stay in Dragoslavec, a settlement near Cakovec, known for its beautiful castle.
The old building is one of Croatia’s symbols, and the reason some opt to visit the country’s mainland during summer vacation.

Photo: Zeljko Hajdinjak / CROPIX