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For generations, waves of Adriatic have been feeding the nations lucky enough to be situated next to Mediterranean shores. The sea has provided local populaces with numerous ingredients and dishes, and greatly influenced their culinary culture. Tagliatelle Fruits of Adriatic are one such meal, inspired by freshness of Adriatic depths. Even without ingredients coming from this sea, the combination of flavors inspires both chefs and guests for another bite.

What you will need

350 g cuttlefish

250 g shrimp tails

300 g tomato juice

4 cloves of garlic

400 g tagliatelle pasta


Olive Oil



Tagliatelle Fruits of Adriatic Preparation

Clean the cuttlefish and cut it on annulet-like pieces. Take a larger frying pan and fill its bottom with olive oil. Put on slight flame and add cuttlefish with shrimp tails. Wait for a few minutes for the ingredients to soften.

After the first part of preparing tagliatelle fruits of Adriatic is finished, add thoroughly minced garlic. Insert tomato juice and leave for a few minutes to simmer. Once a portion of juice evaporates and thickens, add thyme, salt and pepper.

The pasta should be cooked separately in the pot of boiling water, slightly salted and having a few drops of olive oil. Once they receive “al dente” thickness, mix them with ingredients from the frying pan. Once served on a plate, grate some cheese on top for the final touch.

If possible, use cuttlefish which descends from Adriatic Sea, as it is a special species, highly regarded by chefs of the world. Also note that this recipe can go well with oysters and shellfish. Decorate the dish according to your tastes, and if you are satisfied with final results, be so kind and upload a photo of your culinary achievement to our Facebook Wall. Like Croatia’s online community is always happy to like, share, provide tips and comments on other people’s cooking wit.

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