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Thanks to large investments of European Union and Croatian State, the Town of Vodice will have plenty of things to show in the upcoming summer. In addition to new traffic features which will ease the driving experience, the settlement also updated its beach localities. The most popular one, called Vrulje, literally went through complete renovation. The changes will actually rise the temperature of water, making every swim more pleasant.


„As of now, Vrulje is actually a closed lagoon which will have warmer water than the surrounding beaches,“ Vodice Mayor Branka Juricev Martincev explained. „Bathers can expect temperatures to be up to 10 degrees Celsius higher.“

This beach upgrade will also contribute to the length of the tourist season. People can enjoy Vodice’s coast even in the early spring, and up to the late fall. Finally, Vrulja will be a place reserved for concerts and night-time entertainment, as the existent infrastructure becomes a large outdoor stage.


Vodice is among the most popular tourist destinations on Croatian coast, hosting numerous festivals, including the renowned CMC. One can be confident that the new look of Vrulje will attract even more guests to its gentle coastline.