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The fall season has come in an instant, with somewhat unstable weather in Europe and lots of sudden rainfalls. However, the summer still holds its ground in Dalmatia, as passionate bathers refuse to leave their favorite beach spots. The temperature of the sea is still sufficiently high for a quick swim in September, as proven by our fresh photographs of Znjan Beach in Split.

Swimmers are not the only who enjoy this coastal locality. People are actually catching tan, sunbathing on Znjan beach bulks and towels. One might even want to spread some sun crème on skin, as you can never be too cautious with the burning star above our heads. A lot of foreigners are still present in Croatia, despite the peak season being over. It is a good result of the local policies aiming to prolong the tourist season. Pricing of accommodation is reduced, while the visitors have access to new cultural and entertainment content.

Spared from summer heats, people in love with recreation are having their time too. Avid runners and strollers are routing the promenades around Znjan, in company of cyclists and fans of roller skates.

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