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Alex Waltner is a full- time traveler and passionate voyage blogger. He is the person behind Swedish Nomad, one of the most unique and popular web diaries that deal with globetrotting and world exploration. In one of his recent articles, Alex noted 55 reasons why everyone should visit Croatia at least once. Here are merely a few of them:

Plitvice Lakes

Another proof of the mighty nature of Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes, also known as “Plitvička jezera” in Croatian. Spectacular views, waterfalls and one of the most turquoise waters I’ve ever seen.

Adventures in Omis

Here you can get that adrenaline rush and go for ziplining or rafting. We tried the ziplining and it was a lot of fun! Afterward we drove up to this viewpoint and it’s truly amazing. What a beautiful place!

The Ston City Wall

Does this place remind you of a more famous landmark? Yes, you’re right, it’s almost like the great wall of China. The Ston city wall is actually the second longest city wall in the world. It’s a really cool place that used to be really famous for its salt.

Paski Sir

The famous cheese of Pag, also known as Pag Cheese although it’s called Paski Sir in the Croatian language. You can find this all over Croatia, but of course, you’ll get the best deals and quality on the island of Pag itself.

Croatian Wines

Croatian wines are actually really good, although not as famous as they should be. But if you come here, make sure to go on wine tasting and order wine to every meal, you won’t be disappointed!


This beautiful castle is one of Croatia’s most famous landmarks. It’s also a charming town that you shouldn’t miss out if you have time for it! The Varazdin County is also home to the Trakošćan Castle, which is open to the public!

The Food

There are many Croatian dishes that are unique, but of course, with its coastal location, they are mostly known for the quality seafood. But if you visit Hinterland and Zagreb for example, you’ll be met by quite a few traditional dishes with lots of flavors.



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Photo: Swedish Nomad