Like Croatia Sinke

A couple of Croatian lighthouse keepers, Voja Sain and Kresimir Tomasic, reported a rather interesting surprise on island of Palagruza. For the first time in recorded meteorological history, the most southern Croatian isle received a layer of snow.

The report was confirmed by Radio Dalmacija, as two keepers explained their discovery. “I’ve been working on Palagruza lighthouse for 15 years now, and not even a snowflake came on its soil in that time,” Sain explained in the traditional Dalmatian dialect. “Probably some people on the coastline would like to have what we have here now. But as far as I am asked, I really like Palagruza in white.”

Palagruza meteorological station is situated on a cliff, around 100 meters from the surface of the Adriatic Sea. It began working in 19th century, when Croatia was actually a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Owned by Italy up to 1945, it ceased to operate in 1952 under Yugoslavian flag. The station was put back online in 1990 under Croatian financing.

In any case, a pleasant surprise on Island of Palagruza! Who knows, maybe in a couple of decades people will actually visit this spot on Croatian coast for skiing. Learn more about it here.


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