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The scenery might be both cheesy and kitschy, but as the sun sets in Adriatic Sea, even the most cold-blooded observer comes under the same impression. The Dalmatian sunsets have been inspiring people for centuries, as civilizations on the shores developed in arts, culture and technology. One can find descriptions of the Adriatic beauty even among writings of old European nations, and despite numerous millenniums which passed; the sight is as pleasant as ever. As a matter of fact, it is quite intriguing to observe it, knowing how many generations witnessed its unique colors, enjoying the atmosphere it leaves.

As the sun sets in Adriatic Sea, a lot of visitors take out their cameras and snap a slight piece of the wonderful scenery on a framed photo. If you have such photos, don’t hesitate to upload them to our Facebook Wall and share the beauty with our online community. In addition, you are always welcome to book a flight to Croatia, find an accommodation to your liking, and enjoy the Dalmatian region as every visitor has enjoyed so far.


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