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People living around Trogir and Ciovo don’t need winter coats just yet. Sure, it is early November, and Christmas is a month and a half away, but the weather has been so warm that short sleeves are mandatory. This prompted a lot of local residents to enjoy the summertime in the middle of fall season, as they walked the lovely promenades and impressive Riviera of their settlements.

A cup of beach coffee or a glass of soft drink is also available, and you will enjoy both in the outdoors without need to use a blanket, or cuddle under one of those modern exterior heaters. With a view of the surrounding Adriatic, and listening to waves crashing on the coast, it is really a relaxing and enjoyable experience. And have we mentioned the open terraces of konoba-inns and traditional restaurants which are scattered around Trogir and Ciovo?

According to the weather forecast, Croatia is scheduled to have a period of sunny time, meaning it is a great destination for visitors who like being on a seaside without the need to plunge into the waves. This comes only a week after first snow was reported in the country’s highlands, with white layer being thick up to three centimeters on certain localities.

But don’t buy a carrot for a Croatian snowman yet. You won’ be able to build one in the next few weeks. As a matter of fact, it seems swimming and snorkeling is still a more accessible option, judging from the photos we received from Dalmatia coastline.

I you don’t mind a chill or two, you can still have some summer fun in 2014. Need proof for that? Check out our photo-gallery below:


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