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Croatia is home to numerous sport activities, yet none is as charming and hilarious as the one belonging to Cest is The Best festival. This annual event celebrates street artists of the world, but also people associated with streets themselves- including members of public cleaning service. The other day, traditional street sweeper race took place, gathering about dozen of real-life Zagreb city cleaners.

Zagreb, 050615. Trg bana Josipa Jelacica. U sklopu festivala Cest is d Best na Trgu bana Jelacica odrzana Utrka smetlara. Na fotografiji: Vanja Lojna pobjednik trke. Foto: Damjan Tadic / CROPIX
Foto: Damjan Tadic / CROPIX

Mounted on their waste-collecting bikes, race participants tried to traverse 1600-meter long track in the shortest time possible. This was not an easy task, and in many case, the experience looked like a funny computer game. Especially hilarious were the moments during which participants of street sweeper race went into turns. Due to high speed, some of the bikes literally looked like Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Winner of the race was Vanja Lojna, who entered the finish line first. He was awarded with a trophy, and several liters of beer. Also, he acquired quite prestigious title of world’s fastest street sweeper. After a short break, however, racers had to return to their standard duties and keep Croatian capital tidy and beautiful.

Cest is The Best is still an active event, and what street sweeper race looked like can be observed in our photo gallery below.


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