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Although Croatia is known for its gorgeous coastline, its continental parts are also quite welcoming. For example, a brand new hostel called Street Osijek has just been opened its doors in the heart of Slavonia region. Located in Gunduliceva Street, this accommodation is close both to the main train station and city’s center. Not to mention that visitors can enjoy the leading spot for Osijek nightlife, the magnificent Tvrda, after a short 15-minute walk from hostel premises.

Street Osijek has a rather unique interior. A long corridor is decorated with images of walls and traffic signs, and guests can even take a rest on park benches and iron chairs. The whole idea is that hostel interior mimics a small town alley, in all its coziness and pleasant atmosphere.

Hostel Street Osijek.jpg2

The rooms are charming and very clean. They have 15 square meters in size, and feature a classy minimalistic design. Pets are welcome, as long as their presence is acknowledged before the arrival.

In addition to friendly vibe, Street Osijek is also very affordable place to stay. A single bed costs 130 HRK / 17.25 € per night, but visitors can book an entire room (3 beds) for 312 HRK / 41.30 €. If you intend to have a longer stay, the final price will be discounted.

Hostel Street Osijek3

Osijek is a great town to visit in Croatia, as can be seen in our guide. If it inspires you for a quick stroll through Tvrda, don’t hesitate to book your stay in Street Oijek- check the official website here.


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