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The village of Humac came to existence in a very strange way. It is located on a place where Hvar sheep pastors were building simple stone houses in order to hide from rain. As time went on, a lot of these structures were built, but they had no permanent population and were not very luxurious. Soon, the site was known as Humac.

With modern times, animal husbandry begun to lose its rural importance, and odd stone village was threatened with complete extinction and neglect. However, wise residents of the surrounding area refused to let Humac vanish, and transformed it into a lovely eco-village, available for visit.

One stone house of Humac belongs to Rubinic family, who allowed our field team to take photos of their estate. Behold the unique vibe and splendor of Humac architecture in our gallery below. And if you are interested in renting the place (or something similar to Rubinic Residence) contact Hvar Tourist Board here.


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