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The beauty of Croatian coast is well-known across the globe, and has been responsible for thousands of remarkable summer holidays. Yet, despite the hype, Croatia is still largely undiscovered and features numerous localities which are spared from dense crowds. Most of these secluded destinations can be found on the country’s renowned islands.

Croatia officially numbers 698 islands, 389 inlets and 78 naval reefs. Only fifty of these have been permanently settled, usually in coastal towns and villages which track their history for centuries. Spending your holidays on these localities can be a true Adriatic adventure in Mediterranean settings, the only real issue being Internet connection, which can be unstable or even non-existent in certain places.

Galesnjak Island

That is why it is important to have a reliable and trustworthy Internet provider in Croatia, featuring services tailored to tourist needs and preferences. The popular offer includes a 4G SIM card which can be used with mobile, tablet and laptop devices and comes with unlimited surfing and numerous other bonuses.

That being said, let’s check out the features of some Croatian islands, and what can you do on their shores with stable internet connection.

Baska Krk


Share a photo of yourself covered in mineral-rich mud of Cizici beach or listen to old sailor’s tales next to a slice of Krk’s famous delicacy, a cake called Presnec. Explore the rustic beauty of Stara Baska town or search for the old smuggler’s treasure in the depths of Biserujka cave. Krk is truly an Island of adventures, and has good traffic relations with Croatian capital of Zagreb.



Home of the magnificent griffon vultures, the Island of Cres attracts visitors with its charming villages such as Valun, Beli and Lubenice. The beach of Sveti Ivan has been proclaimed one of the most beautiful swimming localities in the world by German Bild Magazine. The old pillory in town of Cres just waits to become a backdrop for your funny photos, which should be immediately shared with your family and friends.

Branko Domac / CROPIX Agency
Branko Domac / CROPIX Agency


One of the champions of Croatian tourism, this island provides its guests with unique, health-oriented vacation experience. Losinj has an entire ecosystem of aromas and fragrances, coming from gorgeous natural landscapes and tranquil coastal localities. Not to mention it has numerous secluded and isolated beaches, some of which might even be without the official name. It is up to you to share the knowledge of these secret locations with your online friends.


This island is lauded for its splendorous coastline, numbering over 70 kilometers in length and connecting numerous romantic settlements on the shore.  Visitors are also invited to attend snorkeling lessons, and engage in a gorgeous adventure of exploring Ugljan’s underwater realms. Equip yourself with an action-camera; make a great video of summer excitements and share it on your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Otok Murter, 04.10.2013 - Unatoc jesenskim temperaturama na kopnu, turisti na plazi Slanica uzivaju u suncu i moru


With beaches such as Slanica and Podvrska, the Island of Murter is among the most popular swimming destinations in Croatia. The local populace tenders its cultural inheritance through numerous customs and celebrations. Join their traditional fiestas, and immediately share your impressions with your friends through social media.

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok

The Island’s name literally translates as “The Long Island”, but the shape of this destination isn’t the reason why thousands visit its gentle shores. The home of the renowned Sakarun beach and Nature Park Telascica never disappoints its visitors, as they venture through untouched shoreline sceneries. Dugi Otok features lakes, grottos and romantic villages, as well as a gigantic lighthouse of Veli Rat.

Zrce Beach Crowd is Very Hot


Probably the most popular party-island in Europe, Pag annually hosts dozens of influential music festivals on the shores of Zrce Beach. Every year, thousands of young attendees are sharing photos and videos from this locality, which became a synonym for good time and Mediterranean vibes. But even without prime DJ lineups and refreshing pool parties, this island captivates its visitors with moon-like surface and ancient drywall structures.



A dream-like landscape of this Croatian island includes spots such as Stiniva Cove (which inspired Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki for his movie Porco Rosso) and gorgeous village of Komiza. Reserve a table in one of the local traditional restaurants, called konobas, and stream your fine dining on your video channel. Trust us, you will become very popular.

Hvar, 15.09.2014 - Villa Stari Mlin, atraktivna kuca za turizam


Covered with thick forests of pine and fruitful vineyard terrains, Hvar is also known for its rich lavender fields and intimate beaches such as Lucisca, Mlina and Mlaska. The island is also rumored to be a secret haven to globally known celebrities, who enjoy relative peace and anonymity in settlements such as Jelsa or Stari Grad. If you ever wanted to share a selfie with your favorite movie stars, this is a good place to seek them.

There are many more Croatian islands to discover, and you can read about them in our Destinations Section. But wherever you decide to spend your summer vacation, take care of your Internet provider in Croatia, and have a stable online status.

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