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A couple of years ago, it was a common joke to say that Banana Split was invented in Dalmatian City of Split. However, the popular icy delicacy had nothing to do with the Croatian settlement, although it was a regular order in its pastries, many of which located on lovely Riva Promenade. The following recipe, however, tracks its origin to Emperor’s city, and can be named Split Cake to the fullest. Completely a product of Dalmatian culinary identity, it was shared with us by Malednka Saric, who works in restaurant Grdelin. Now, you can learn her secrets, and have a piece of Dalmatia on your table.

What you will need

11 eggs

250 g butter

300 g sugar in crystal form

200 g sugar powder

60 g flour

200 g dry figs (chopped)

200 g raisins

3 cake crusts

200 g nuts

Vanilla sugar

Vanilla aroma

Split Cake Preparations

From all of the prepared dried fruit (this includes figs, raisins and nuts), take only 45 dag and mix them with flour. Insert the thick snow, made from 11 egg-whites and combine with crystal and vanilla sugars. Use hands to mix all the ingredients into a single compound.

Put some oil on a cooking mold and bake three crusts. The procedure, unless specified differently, includes exposure to 170 °C for 20 minutes. While they are processed, cook the combination of egg yolks and sugar powder until they thicken. Leave them to cool down, and insert butter and vanilla aromatics. The former should be of room temperature.

Fill the crème between the baked crusts. Once done, use the remaining figs, raisins and nuts for decoration of this lovely Split Cake.

If you managed to make this Croatian delicacy, don’t forget to share the photo of it with our Facebook Community. We always like to know how our recipes succeed in your home, especially when they are connected with Croatia this much.

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