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Tihomir Ozvald has spent 30 years away from his Croatian homeland, in distant land of Japan. Yet, once he returned, he immediately begun to invest his time and effort in local community. For example, in a small hamlet of Resnice near Karlovac, he constructed a beautiful wooden house, which might become your favorite tourist accommodation of inland Croatia.

Treehouse Resnice is a perfect locality for everyone in need for peace, seclusion and relaxation. Imagined to provide Robinson-like vacation to its guests, the locality can be found on a small plain, surrounded with no less than eight hectares of natural forest. As such, it is a great destination for family stay, or romantic excursion in nature.

„It took me two years to build Treehouse Resnice,“ Tihomir explained to Croatia Times source. „Sometimes, I was having problem with the weather, and sometimes with the local administration. But I managed to finish my work. “

The house features a small living room and a sleeping chamber in below-roof area. As the spot is slightly elevated, the terrace is literally surrounded with treetop branches of local oak and pear plants. The interior is filled with numerous little items that Tihomir acquired on his travels, providing a charming environment for study or play. Large glass walls separate the outdoors, yet are filling the interior space with sunlight. „I want my guests to feel as if literally being on a tree itself, “owner noted.

Interestingly enough, his initial plan was to form an entire ecological settlement in Resnice. However, the financial cost of joining this would-be community to electrical grid was too high. Maybe if the treehouse becomes a hit, and current hype might prove it as such, people of Karlovac will reconsider investment in this unique place.

If staying at this place sounds like a great idea to you, arrange your visit by visiting the site’s official Facebook Profile.  Check our image gallery below, too.

Photo: Neja Markicevic /Hanza Media