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The Istrian region of Croatia is known for many charming villages, and Drenje is not any different.  One can found it about 10 kilometers away from Town of Labin, and it features a lovely residence called Vila Vosilla. It is owned by Dalibor and Andreja Vozila, a couple who gladly opened the estate doors to our photo team and introduced them to the building’s tale.

“Initially, we wanted to have a typical stone villa of Istria. A lot of people were following that pattern, especially in the 2000’s. However, as time was passing by, we kind of decided to have a slightly different approach,” the couple explains. “The exterior is still as traditional as it can get, but interior comes with spartan-like minimalism and high-tech gadgetry.”


The house is located in the center of an old olive groove, which spreads over 2500 square meters of Istrian landscape. Vila Vosilla itself has 300 square meters, and comes with three levels. A large pool is also a part of villa’s outdoors, and Dalibor invested a lot of money and effort in its features.

“It comes with automatic water maintenance system, and is heated according to the need. The pool is also equipped with chlorine regulator, which makes its water slightly salty, yet without any unwanted smell.”

Vozila Family had a lot of ideas for their luxurious home, and these were developed with assistance of architect firm Nova Projekt from Labin. In addition to uncompromised class, Vila Vosilla is also very energy-efficient, gaining most of its heating from solar panels.


If you are interested in spending your holiday in this fancy Croatian residence, visit the estate’s official website and book your dates. There will surely be a lot of interest for it in the summer months, so now is your chance to arrange your vacation in peace. Plus, you’ll spend months in satisfaction, knowing what kind of accommodation waits for you in Istria.

Check out some more images of the place below:


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