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The Island of Hvar became a destination of choice for many people, international celebrities included. Yet even those popular faces might find themselves short of an accommodation like the one we write about in this article. Its official name is Ruina de Molino a Vento, and it was constructed in 1761 by Franciscan monks. Initially, it was used as a windmill, providing the local population with much needed flour. Today, it belongs to Tudor family, who transformed it into a first-class tourist accommodation estate.

Thanks to their efforts, visitors of Hvar will have an opportunity to spend their holiday in a unique setting of an old tower. The construction is located in town’s historical core, just a few minutes away from the settlement’s central square. The Tudors had a very difficult job during renovation, as the tower was proclaimed a monument of history and culture by town officials, meaning it was forbidden for them to alter its original shape. Following this rule, Ruina de Molino a Vento retained its 18th century vibe, both from external and internal side, yet it has the usual gadgetry of a modern home- including water, electricity and wireless internet.

Another challenge was to find furniture which would suit the round shape of a building. Majority of thingies you’ll find in the building were custom-built, although some items were bought as they were in the store. The accommodation comes with a garden area and a private parking spot.

“A lot of people have told us that we will fail in our quest to turn the tower into a pleasant and functional accommodation,” Lorenco and Ivana Tudor explained. “Although it seemed impossible at the beginning, we managed to do it. The new face of our tower is loved by guests, who admire this ingenious mixture of past and present influences.”

Check out the wonderful estate in our photo gallery below:


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