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Every year, Zagreb becomes one of the best reasons to visit Croatia during the merry season. Christimas in Croatian Capital is always a time of fascinating experiences and pleasant atmosphere. The whole city is decorated and in the vibe of cherisment, as its vivid colors mix with the aroma of mulled wine and crispy cookies one can buy on street stands.

Last year, Zagreb was awarded a prestigious award for having the best Christmas market in Europe. These Advent Fairs are traditionally staged in the city’s lively center, such as Bogoviceva Street or Zrinjevac Park. They are perfect localities for buying presents for your family and friends, as booths sell lovely cups, fine wines, traditionally-made toys and even dried meat delicacies.

Advent in Zagreb

Christmas in Croatian capital can’t go without some entertaining events and features. The city’s Tourist Board announced another round of fantastic activities one can attend and witness. One of the biggest attractions will be a large Ice Park, situated on King Tomislav Square. Visitors will be able to rent their own ice skates, and have a pleasant icy stroll beneath the starry skies.

Another great feature is a Christmas Stable, a  live-actor staged performance, traditionally held in front of Zagreb Cathedral. It presents the viewers with Biblical scenery of how infant Jesus came into the world. The Stable has real animals, making it a charming spot for grown-ups and children alike.

The Christmas Heart in Zagreb

The Tourist Board of Zagreb also noted that another ‘Fuliranje’ event will be staged in Streets of Tomiceva and Kurelceva. For those unaware, these alleys become rather ingenious places to visit, as Croatian witty inventors and talented artists show their skills and sell their original merchandise.

The city will also become a giant urban musical, as large balconies of its theaters will hold philharmonic orchestras, which will perform Bach, Hndel and Ivan Plemeniti Zajc. Passing next to these sites will give additional boost to your merry season mood, and inspire you for the holiday celebrations.

Fireworks over Zagreb

Long story short, there are plenty of reasons to spend Christmas in Croatian Capital. Come and enjoy your time in Zagreb, as the city eagerly waits to make your season very special.


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