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A rather unique piece of news has recently been announced to Croatian audiences. One of the country’s most renowned singers, Mate Miso Kovac, will have a performance on Mars.  Well, he won’t physically travel to the distant planet, yet his voice will be heard over the speakers of the research rover Opportunity.

The high-tech vehicle has been dispatched to Mars in 2004, together with another rover called Spirit. The systems are sending valuable data to engineers and scientists on Earth, and are remotely controlled. The participants of the project have a habit of sending music to vehicles every now and then, which is then performed via speakers on the surface of Mars.

Mate Miso Kovac

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Mate Miso Kovac reigns as singer supreme not just in Croatia, but in the Balkan region in general as well. The 75-year old vocal artist is virtually a cult persona, being numerous decades onstage.  Loved by people of all generations, and author of numerous renowned songs, Kovac usually writes about love, life and his care for native Dalmatian landscapes.

About three years ago, a group of Miso’s fans from 24Sata magazine inquired NASA on whether they would be interested in sending the singer’s music to Opportunity. They even translated the song “Poljubi Zemlju” (Kiss the Earth) in English for that feat. The space-faring agency replied with positive answer, noting that they were touched by lyrics of the song.


It is unknown when Opportunity will delight Martians with tones and voice of Mate Miso Kovac, but they certainly won’t have to wait for long. Thus, the song “Poljubi Zemlju” (authored by Dorde Novkovic and Zeljko Pavicic) will join the likes of “Unchained” by Van Halen and “Pictures of You” by The Cure.

Mate Miso Kovac was delighted by this news, saying that he deems it his largest achievement in career.


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