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On Zagreb’s address Ulica Majke Terezije 6, one can find a unique dining spot. It is called Sweet Corner, and is owned by a local couple with plenty of skill and imagination. With interior design cherishing natural materials and a large number of pancake options on the menu, it is bound to have its audience in Croatian capital. Naturally, foreign visitors are expected and welcome as well.


Sweet Corner has two levels, and 45 square meters in size. It isn’t large, being a ‘corner’ after all, but comes with a cozy space and playful setting. One can envision it as a perfect space for a visit with children, while the grown-ups can enjoy the fine taste of Lavazza coffee, fine juice drinks, protein shakes and some other menu options. The pancakes come in sweet and salty aromas.

Check out what this space looks like in our photo gallery below, and in case you wish to have a pancake pause, do consider taking a seat in the Sweet Corner.