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Stari Grad (“The Old Town“) is a military fort close to the Croatian town of Sisak. It was built in 1541, but its glory came in 1593 when Croatian forces managed to hold their ground when facing  a considerable Turkish invasion.


In 1592, Austria signed a fragile peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire, agreeing that the Kupa River is a natural border between two states. However, a year later, Turkish captain Telli Hasan Pasha crossed the river with more than 10,000 soldiers. Croats, although reinforced with soldiers from various European nations, had only half of that number.


But they had Stari Grad fort, which added to their defence and fundamentally changed the odds of the battle.  The Ottomans were defeated, and a wave of relief spread over Europe, as the threat of a deeper invasion was removed. Praises from Spanish king Philip II, German Emperor Rudolph II and Pope Clement VIII were issued, as well as a leaflet describing the victory to the general population.


Today, forks and spoons have replaced swords and spears, as Stari Grad has became a restaurant. Visit their web here.


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