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Sure thing, Croatia has plenty of localities with stunning natural beauty. Especially impressive are destinations where the aforementioned are combined with ancient structures- such as in case of Dubrovnik ramparts. However, sometimes the best photo to describe the Croatia scenery is the one depicting the simplicity of Adriatic vibe. Our reader Anamarija Grcic has sent us one such picture, and you can see it above.

A dock of white concrete resides above the mystical blue of Adriatic Sea, as the sun plays with reflections and small flashes of white light on the surface. In the back, one can observe the peaceful piece of land, coming with a charming forest which can’t be left unexplored upon one’s arrival. Indeed, this is the simplicity of Adriatic experience in its pure form. Great gastronomy and unique historical background are only the crème on the cake that might become your vacation experience.

Do you have your own photographs which depict the easy-going life on Adriatic coasts? If that is so, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Page. Also, if you consider spending your summer vacation in Croatia this year, don’t hesitate to use our online flight ticket reservation service. You can also search for an accommodation which might suit your interests and living habits. See you in Croatia!


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