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Dalmatia is known for its wonderful coast and the dog breed which charmed the entire world thanks to Walt Disney Pictures. However, because of these facts, Dalmatian mountainous region is not getting the attention it deserves. People lucky (and smart) enough to venture into this unique landscape are bound to find a lot of natural and historical beauty. Just check out the photo above to see a true sight of Dalmatian Zagora, located in the romantic village called Pakovo Selo. Taking a seat on one of these chairs is only the first step towards a glass of home-made wine or prosciutto of highest quality.

Do you have your own sight of Dalmatian Zagora captured on a photo? If that being a case, upload it this instant to our Facebook Wall and show our online community what the hype is all about. In case our short introduction has inspired you to visit the region, check out our huge archive of accommodation ready to be rented, and find room, apartment or even a house for your Dalmatian home. Finally, if you plan a one-day trip to mountains of Dalmatia, use our rent-a-car service and get yourself rolling towards romantic villages, untouched nature, rich local culture and numerous dishes which will engulf your senses.


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