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A few days ago, the Dalmatian town of Sibenik has been visited by a very special guest. It was MS Thomson Celebration, a large cruiser vessel owned by Holland American Line Company. She is currently under long-term charter agreement for Thomson Cruises, British firm offering exclusive voyages all around the world. Boasting 215 meters in length, this iron lady is among the largest vessels in Dalmatian Sea at the moment. Is Sibenik becoming a top cruiser destination because of this? Not really. It owns this status for at least several years. Yet, it is good to know that the trend is not losing its momentum.


A couple of words about the ship herself: MS Thomson Celebration originally featured an art collection worth more than one million American dollars. Furnished in this unique way, she has a unique Oriental Screen at the entrance to her main bar on Deck 9. She is currently operating as a part of company’s Platinum collection of cruises. It is estimated that approximately 1200 people disembarked to Sibenik harbor, thanks to the vessel’s visit.

However, she is not the only ship of the kind to be greeted at Sibenik docks. Last week, residents of this Croatian city welcomed the crew of Cruiser Europa, another notable luxury transporter. More than 70 cruisers are scheduled to arrive in the tourist season of Sibenik in 2015, calculated to bring more than 20 000 visitors. According to harbor authorities, that is an increase of 53% than the last year.

MS Thomas Celebration has continued her voyage towards Venice (it started the journey in distant City of Istanbul). However, the ship will return to Sibenik on June 1st. If you wish a cozy, luxurious travel to Dalmatian shore in 2015, reserving your cabin on Celebration seems as a perfect opportunity. Don’t forget to share a photo or two on Like Croatia Facebook Wall while being onboard.


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