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The romantic settlement of Veprinec can be found in the vicinity of Ucka Mountain, and serves as a home to ShivShav fashion brand. Founded by Sandra Ruzic, it features manufactured clothes for children, made by pure organic cotton. So if you wish safe, polyester-free shirts for your little ones, this could be a great option.

“It all begun in our little family,” Ruzic explained. “My son had an issue with skin rashes since birth, so we had to be very careful with the clothes he was wearing. The moment we heard about natural cotton, we investigated the subject, and I quickly embraced it as a material.”

ShivShav by Bokicbo-Fotolia

Sandra is an experienced artist, so she decided to make her own clothes for his son. Soon, an idea to start a brand emerged. “I teamed up with couple of my associates, and after we acquired organic cotton, ShivShav was ready to go.”

In addition to being safe, ShivShav brand decorates their products with images of Croatian wildlife. “It was a great opportunity for my drawing skills. I decided to move away from traditional motifs we see on kid clothes, so I chose to decorate the clothes with images of plants and animals which live in Croatia,” Ruzic said to LC source. “The shirts immediately associate the viewers with Istria, Gorski Kotar, Dalmatia and other regions of our country.”


ShivShav offers shirts, both in short and long sleeve combinations. Shorts and pants are also in the offer, as well as little hats and hair accessories. Thanks to large number of buttons and specially designed sewing, a single shirt can “track” the baby’s increase in size, so parents don’t have to buy new pieces of clothes every few months.

A nice souvenir and prime clothing option, ShivShav products can be ordered via the brand’s official Facebook profile, but also in shops Take me home (Tomiceva Street 4, Zagreb) and Manufaktura (Marsala Tita 112, Optaija). Shivshav will soon become buyable in Dubrovnik, Split and Rovinj.


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